Davantis Obsidian Security

Detect the Invisible.

Smart Video Analytics.

Obsidian Security are providers of Bi3 Davantis, one of the world’s leading video analytic developers.

The latest in sophisticated algorithms allow confirmed detection of people and vehicles within existing day, night or thermal CCTV images. A system capable of ignoring animals, adverse weather and moving foliage that tradition systems struggle to decipher.

Proven and Accredited.

The level of accuracy and immunity against false alarms has allowed accreditation like no other. Davantis has achieved Secured by Design (SBD) approval and Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) High Security Level 3 accreditation as well.

Other analytics providers require 60 pixels to attain a confirmed alarm, Davantis requires as little as 16 pixels.

Please call us to truly see the power of Davantis at our Head Office, we would be delighted to show you a live demonstration.

Turn your cameras, into detectors.

Video Demonstration

Unparalleled Performance.

Feature Set.

The ideal solution for the protection of large site perimeters.

  • Detection of Intruders

  • Distinguish between Vehicle or Person

  • Observe Entry and Exit

  • Alert upon Sabotage

  • Notify Loitering

  • Check for Object Appearance and Disappearance

Remote Monitoring.

Pairing remote monitoring with CPNI Accredited video analytics allows central station to act on an intrusion immediately.

CCTV operators can activate loudspeakers, sirens, floodlights and warn the intruders over a PA system. They can control PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras to take a closer look and if the alarm signal is confirmed to be an intruder, the operator can alert the authorities and chosen keyholders.

Obsidian Security central station monitoring

Building the Integrated.

We implement systems that work for you.