Obsidian Security are Fire Alarm Approved to

BAFE SP203 P1 and NSI Silver 0142

Fire Alarms

Obsidian Security kentec fire alarm addressable
Obsidian Security apollo smoke detector strobe sounder

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

More advanced than conventional counterparts, addressable fire alarm systems can monitor and control several hundred devices, such as;

Smoke detectors

Heat Detectors

Pressure detectors

Manual call points

Standard switches

This enables the control panel to respond appropriately by activating or deactivating specific devices, such as fire suppression systems, warning systems, door holder relays, and building heating and ventilation systems, as well as shutting down industrial equipment and/or recalling elevators to a safe exit floor.

Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Ideal for smaller fire alarm installations, non-addressable systems are less sophisticated (and therefore more cost effective) as they utilise a simpler fire zone system to help identify the location of a fire. Each zone typically consists a grouping of smoke and heat detectors and manual call points.

PA Voice Alarm Systems

Providing a clear, intelligible message in the event of alarm helps reduce panic and confusion when compared to bells and sounders, meaning alarms are less likely to be ignored, and untrained personnel (such as members of the public) receive clear instruction and are evacuated speedily and efficiently.

Our voice alarm systems will integrate with any fire alarm system and can be set to operate automatically.

Emergency Voice Communication (Disabled refuge) Systems

Current Building Regulations stipulate that all new non-domestic properties with more than one storey must provide disabled refuges areas, which are a place of relative safety for disabled individuals to take cover before being assisted to a final exit, such as a compartment, lobby, corridor or stairway that can provide protection from a fire.

Disabled refuge systems from Obsidian Security are fully compliant with BS5839-Part 9, providing alarms and emergency voice communication links, allowing emergency services to be in constant contact with the people in the refuge areas.

Emergency Lighting

Unlike traditional systems which only dimly light an area for evacuation purposes, Obsidian Security specialise in high-intensity LED emergency lighting systems to provide a brighter, and long-lasting light.

Legal requirements and Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is a statutory requirement for all business locations with five or more employees. It places the onus on individuals within an organisation to carry out risk assessments to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire. It also requires all fire systems to be maintained in efficient working order and good repair.

Obsidian Security provides extensive advice to ensure risk assessments are suitably thorough and effective, and will implement fire systems to the requirement specified by a third party fire risk assessment.

Building the Integrated.

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