Imagine – CCTV evidence at 4K resolution.

Embrace new technologies.

Obsidian isn’t afraid of investing in the latest technology to provide you with the most advanced systems. We have seen CCTV evolve from the days of rewinding VHS tapes all the way through to today’s Ultra High Definition, intelligent analytical, thermal imaging, networked cameras. If the tech’ exists, it’s on our radar.

Smart Video Analytics.

Obsidian Security are providers of Bi3 Davantis, one of the world’s leading video analytic developers.

The latest in sophisticated algorithms allow confirmed detection of people and vehicles within existing day, night or thermal CCTV images. A system capable of ignoring animals, adverse weather and moving foliage that tradition systems struggle to decipher. Learn more here!

IP CCTV Systems.

IP camera systems are moving the boundaries when it comes to both image quality and fully automated ‘analytics’. An IP camera network can assess if something in view requires further attention and draw it to the attention of the operator. Examples of automated analytics are Motion detection, line crossing, face detection, people counting,  point of sale linkage, unattended baggage detection, loitering detection, and many more.

We are SSAIB certified, Hikvision Authoristed Installers, Axis Authorised partner and offer the full range of 4k and Ultra High Definition cameras and encoders.

Obsidian Security axis cctv joystick


Automatic Number Plate Recognition is becoming ever more popular for the private sector. All number plates from any region can be captured day or night and snapshot images can be stored on the recorder or be sent to a remote storage drive.

A user can blacklist a number plate to alert a guard, sent an email or even lock down a certain facility. A whitelist can be used to allow an automated barrier to open, or even clock out employees a workplace. Of course there is also the obvious uses such as car park management, traffic flow management and crime investigation.

Obsidian Security CCTV ANPR

Remote Monitoring.

Obsidian can provide 24/7 remote monitoring of your system. When an alarm signal is received by EMCS our central station, the signal can be visually confirmed by the operator which can then contact key holders, alert the local police force or warn possible opportunists by triggering loudspeakers, floodlights or sirens.

Obsidian Security central station monitoring

Hybrid Systems.

Sometimes it is not always viable to upgrade every part of an analogue CCTV system, and it may not be possible to replace a certain cable route. With hybrid (or ‘tribrid’) systems, all old analogue cameras can be reused on their original cabling. This means the same recorder can accept IP, HD analogue and older analogue cameras.

With the latest advancements in technology, manufactures are now able to send high definition images down analogue cabling (RG59), saving on installation costs!

Obsidian Security hikvision dome

Fibre Optic Data Transmission.

The enormous increase of image quality requires a fluid transmission of data. Fibre offers a secure and reliable way to network cameras, it is immune to interference and is robust over long distances. Obsidian have trained engineers to provide in-house fibre splicing to avoid the need of hiring expensive 3rd party specialists.

Building the Integrated.

We implement systems that work for you.