Hikvision DS-1600KI CCTV Touch Keyboard Review

We’ve recently put the DS-1600KI keyboard through it’s paces,
three of them in fact!

The Hikvision DS-1600KI is a touch screen CCTV network keyboard with incredible capabilities, as a result up to 2000 devices can be controlled from this unit. There’s no doubt this keyboard has gone through some tough testing and thankfully with it’s current firmware we have found it to be very stable.

Hikvision Touch Keyboard DS-1600KI
ds-1600ki hikvision keyboard

The network keyboard is best used in conjunction with Hikvision video decoders for instance, you can build a physical video wall and have this keyboard control all cameras and decoders at once. It is possible to generate a virtual view of your video wall and use the touch screen to simply touch the grid of cameras. With one touch of your desired camera the joystick becomes active for that camera, therefore no more tiresome keypresses to gain access to a particular camera.

Of course the DS-1600KI can be used completely standalone to connect to any camera, NVR, DVR and viewable on the touch screen, simply select from the populated list of cameras and live view will start and the joystick ready to take control.

Playback of h264 footage is possible directly from the network keyboard, with all the regular controls you would find expect to find.

Hikvision have included built in WIFI for the DS-1600KI which does invite the premium domestic market. This could be utilised on larger installations in conjunction with PTZs. Without the need to be tethered to a monitor, use the touch screen and joystick from the comfort of the sofa to view and control cameras on local network.

This doesn’t come without it’s Quirks!

Being a relatively new product, we’ve picked up on a couple of improvements that could be made by Hikvision in later firmware updates.

h265plus h265+ codec hikvision

The latest h.265 video codec is a no-go at present (November 2018). We’ve found the current firmware is capable of streaming h.264 only and we’re looking forward to an update on this soon!

Configuring the unit is done through the touch screen itself rather than iVMS or https page, thankfully once you have configured one unit you have the option to export your programming to a USB memory stick.

ds-1600ki hikvision keyboard 2

More could be said with the design of the Joystick USB cable, the joystick and touch screen has been designed to be removed and standalone – Great! Although this leaves the joystick USB cable loose and unsightly. We’ve found some bending and tying soon makes the best of that by hiding it under the sloped base plate!

Overall the DS-1600KI Network Touch Keyboard is a leap forward from it’s predecessors, although we’re looking forward to a firmware update to fix some of our niggles, we’re incredibly impressed by it’s versatility and design. This should be the center piece of control for any Hikvision control centre or video wall.

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