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Access Control

Obsidian truly leads the field in sophisticated and versatile access control systems. Our modular and scalable systems are equally suited for the control of access to the humble village hall as they are a large, multi-site industrial company.

Flexible design means our entry control systems can be cost-effectively deployed in small applications, with just a few controlled entry points, and equally meet the large-scale needs of a multiple site organization.

Obsidian Security is accredited by SSAIB in Access Control, CCTV and Intruder alarms.

Absolute Clockwork

Our access control systems integrate fully with other systems such as Security CCTV & Intruder Detection Systems, and can link to non-security systems such as Fire Alarms, Building Management, Time and Attendance and Human Resource staff management applications.

PLAN Access Control.

Obsidian Security are PLAN Dealers and Approved Installers. Also known as xPLAN, This system appeals to the most complex and secure sites offering the ability to effortlessly manage an enormous scale of processes and events all hidden behind a user friendly interface.

Learn more about PLAN Access Control here!

Obsidian Security plan access control xplan acs

Paxton Access Control.

Obsidian Security are also Paxton Registered Installers and recommend Paxton access control as a control system for the mid-size organisation. Paxton has a fantastic user interface, and is easily expandable for most commercial installations.

Obsidian Security paxton reader access control

Fire Roll Call & Muster Points.

In case of an evacuation, Obsidian can offer a solution to display the location of all occupants with a site at any given moment. User cards, which can double as employee I.D can be detected when a user has evacuated, and when a user has arrived safely at the muster point. For example, this can be configured to automatically print a roll call (user’s current locations) 3 minutes after an alarm is sounded. With this, the emergency services know exactly where to search for the missing persons.

Obsidian Security access control long range card reader

Turnstiles and Speedlanes.

Speedlanes and turnstiles are ideal for busy sites where staff or members need unrestricted access between certain times such as gyms, libraries, manufacturing plants. Obsidian currently have multiple on going contracts for maintaining and installing such equipment. We understand the need for this access equipment to run continuously and the consequences when everything comes to a halt; therefore we offer various call out packages to suit your needs.

Automatic Gates.

Obsidian Security can supply, install and maintain any electric automated gates. We are happy send an experienced engineer to survey any existing gates and advise on any necessary works required.

Consumables Online

We offer a comprehensive range of access control consumables,
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Building the Integrated.

We implement systems that work for you.